About Us

Brisbane's First Coffee Roaster

Coffee with a difference, since the early 30’s Mr Basil Naggih sought to provide the discerning consumer something different. One of the first steps in the quest was the installation of an espresso machine in a cafe which he opened, it was one of the first in Brisbane and the cafe became very popular.

A few years later Brisbane’s first coffee roaster was installed and we were treated to a vast array of freshly roasted coffees.

Currently, the same discipline is applied to the various and numerous blends of coffee which the present day company roasts, blends and distributes. Some of the original coffee recipes are still being used today.

The raw coffee comes from many parts of the world including places such as India, Africa, South America, Indonesia, New Guinea, Cuba and more. Characteristics of each vary and the union of two or more produces a blending of the best qualities of each to provide the preferred sensation in the cup.